Pinup Secrets with Miss Lolli Wood

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Keep your eye out for this lady! Miss Lolli Wood is a blonde bombshell who is ready to hit the 2019 Pinup Doll Australia stage. Chromefest wont know what him them!


Blue Mountains, NSW

When did your passion for the pinup scene start?

My passion for pinup is still very much in its infancy. I’ve always loved historical fashion: regency, Victorian, 20's, 50’s, really anything that let me step out of my normal life and be the persona I wanted to be for a while. Pinup has helped me find like-minded people, taught me skills to make my everyday look a bit more glorious, and I’m very excited to see where this takes me because I can’t see my life without it now.

What kind of style are you influenced by?

When I dress in pinup styles, I tend to stick to what I’m familiar with – A line dresses and skirts. I go from modern reproduction to vintage inspired and keep it fairly tame while I build up the confidence to go more dramatic with my colours and styles. I love the rockabilly look, so I’m always amazed by the ladies I see who make it look so effortless.

Who is most influential to your style?

Marilyn Monroe – I love her look. Her hair colour wasn’t natural, but it suited her, and that’s exactly what I love about it. Be yourself as you want to be, don’t settle for things you can change.

Allison Vernon-Williams from the movie Crybaby – She had the innocent good girl side, and then just as easily embraced her sexual, bad girl and looked amazing even when she cried!

What is your favourite era?

I love the 40's Hollywood glamour – the long dresses, ornate necklaces, gloves – I love it so much it helped me choose my name! I love to dance, and the 50’s (the movie Grease, mostly) shaped a part of my childhood, but I love the iconic Hollywood Starlet slowly floating down the massive staircase to the soft inhale of the crowd below.

What are your Top 5 must have items for being the pinup you are?

1 - A great setting spray – Poison Apple is my favourite so far

2 - A long-lasting lipstick – I am loving the Besame vintage inspired lipstick from Sandra D in cherry red

3 - Foam rollers – I got mine from Priceline – I love the bendable firm foam rollers. They are comfortable enough to sleep in and allow your hair to dry properly. I tried so many other options that left my hair damp when I went to go style it.

4 - Tweezers – I know this sounds silly, but I use them for applying false eyelashes as well as for my eyebrows. I think that eyebrows are one of the parts of a look that can completely alter the shape of a face. So, having a good set, that closes properly can save you a world of frustration.

5 - Pearl earrings – I am not usually comfortable wearing big statement earrings (a throwback to growing up being made fun of for having big ears), so I will almost always opt for an understated pearl earring. They make any look classy and feminine.

Tell us about your makeup routine and how long it takes you?

There is still so much I’m experimenting with product-wise and brand-wise, but my routine stays the same and I refuse to spend more then 20 minutes on my makeup (another throwback – this time from being in the military)

1 - Primer

2 - Liquid Foundation (and concealer under my eyes – because I am eternally tired – thanks kids!)

3 - Powder Foundation – to make it all look a bit softer and more natural

4 - A pink-based blush

5 - Contouring Powder – cheeks, under the chin, and along my hairline. With my ultra-blond hair and pale skin, it helps to bring out the shapes of my face.

6 - Eyebrow powder – this gives you a darker, more defined eye with a more natural look.

7 - Eye colour – I tend to stick to neutrals (maybe I’m just boring!) but I have found Revlon Eye Art Duo recently and it’s so easy to use and looks amazing.

8 - Eye Liner – I’m using Kat von D at the moment. It’s the best I’ve found so far for control and staying power.

9 - Mascara – Maybelline Colossal Go Extreme! in Leather Black

10 - False Eyelashes – I love the Glam by Manicare sets. They have so many different options and the glue is really easy to use.

11 - Lipstick – I LOVE the Besame lipstick. I don’t go out with out a red lip and I hate reapplying. This lasted for an entire evening, with no touch ups needed and felt amazing. A cheaper option that I use if I need an all day, no smudge cover is Revlon Colourstay Overtime.

How do you set and style your hair?

I do a wet set overnight. I wet my hair so it’s damp, but not dripping, then comb and separate it into the rows I want. As I separate the pieces, I spray it with a setting spray – I use Poison Apple – then roll it onto a firm foam roller – from Priceline. Then, I can sleep in it overnight. If I’m going out the next day, the rollers aren’t a great look, so I take them out and pin the curls with bobby pins. Then I can accessorise with a scarf and it looks like a classy day look until I’m ready to brush it out. I tease my roots a bit with a teasing comb, then just softly brush the curls out into waves. I spray the finished look and gently turn the hair under at the bottom and make sure I have the fringe wave height I wanted.

What's your best kept secret?

In a pinch, a bit of blush, mascara, and some lip gloss are enough to pull of a natural soft vintage day look. This has saved me from looking like death many a morning on the school drop off.

Dirty hair is best for styling, even if you are doing a wet set over night! Processed hair can get away with being washed and then set, but natural or really healthy hair should be at least a day old.

A little bit more about Miss Lolli Wood

I am still a baby pinup really, but I was lucky enough to be chosen as an NSW wildcard for Pinup Doll Australia this year. So, my first pageant is going to be at a national level! I am nervous and excited, but these pinup hints and tricks on your blog are helping me just as much as I’m helping anyone else. It’s a learning process, and it’s one that I’m really looking forward to!

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