Pinup Secrets with Miss Lola May

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Miss Lola May is a sweetheart who has grown into an absolute Rose. Read below to see how the pinup scene changed her life and helped her grow.


Newcastle NSW

When did your passion for the pinup scene start?

I began very slowly incorporating elements of pinup into my everyday style in 2013/2014. I began with adding simple hair flowers to my curled hair and winged eyeliner became a staple in my makeup routine. My first ever pinup style dress was purchased on eBay and I loved myself sick in it. One of the local pinup clothing stores (that sadly no longer exists) held a pinup pageant in 2014 which I was extremely apprehensive about entering, but I bit the bullet and submitted my application form on the very last day and was chosen as a finalist. It was such an amazing experience and I met beautiful, like minded ladies and I’ve never looked back since then!

What kind of style are you influenced by?

I take influence from all kinds of vintage styles. I love everything from the 40’s right up to the 70’s. I think my sweet spot is definitely the 50’s. Give me a full circle skirt and a petticoat any day of the week.

Who is most influential to your style?

I don’t think I’ve ever really looked to anyone specifically when it comes to style. Over time I have developed my own style and even that is ever evolving. When I first discovered pinup, I really loved red, black and white, polka dots and bold prints. Typical rockabilly style. These days I prefer pastels and softer colours, floral prints, anything green and flower crowns. I still love black though. It feels so glamorous for evening wear. However, there have certainly been times where I have felt inspired by different pinups and have incorporated their style with my own.

What is your favourite era?

Visually, I am completely in love with the 40’s. It was such a glamorous era and the Hollywood starlets were so incredibly beautiful, but I think I am mostly drawn to the 50’s. While I definitely would not like to have lived through that time, fashion was amazing.

What are your Top 5 must have items for being the pinup you are?

For me, I don’t feel complete without my red lip, NYX Matte Liquid eyeliner, a hair flower, a petticoat and a smile.

Tell us about your makeup routine and how long it takes you?

Oh gosh! I have honestly never timed how long it takes me to do full pinup glam. If I were to hazard a guess, I’d say about 20-30 minutes. When it’s full glam, it includes: primer, foundation, setting powder, blush, a small amount of highlighter, several eye shadows, winged eyeliner, mascara, false eyelashes, bold brows and red lips.

How do you set and style your hair?

Over the years I have changed up my hair and how I style it. When I first began pinup, I heat set my hair with a hair straightener, set into pin curls against my head and secured with a clip. When I stopped dying/bleaching my hair, this method didn’t work for me anymore. I switched to foam rollers and that is still my go-to. I’ve used lots of different setting sprays over time but about a year ago, I discovered flax gel and I absolutely swear by it! You make it yourself and it’s so cost effective and easy! I use 1 tablespoon of flax seeds, boiled in 3/4 cup of water. Once the liquid begins to thicken, I take it off the heat and strain it through an old stocking. As for styling, I mostly stick to two styles that I can nail, no questions asked. I am a sucker for a poodle, inspired by Betty Grable and Lucille Ball. I also love to do a huge barrel roll in the front and adorn it with teeny tiny pin curls and have the back brushed out smoothly. A tip I have for down styled hair is to add a hairnet. Good ones are basically invisible and they keep your style in place all day. They’re especially great for outdoor events.

What's your best kept secret?

Honestly? I don’t have one! I am always happy to share my wealth of pinup knowledge. It seems a bit unfair to keep all the goods to myself.

Final love from Miss Lola May

I believe that pinup gave me the confidence that I lacked my whole life. I was painfully shy as a child and teen, and while shyness can still get the best of me at times, when I’m fully pinned up, I feel ready to conquer the world. Like nothing can rain on my parade. In my wildest dreams, I never thought I would ever have the confidence to strut my stuff on stage or feel comfortable in front of a camera, but now those are some of my favourite things to do and a massive part of my life. Pinup has given me purpose.

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