Pinup Secrets with Miss Kentucky Red

An Adelaide pinup who feel in love with the style, Miss Kentucky Red fell into the scene by accident in 2017. She lives and breathes the pinup style and is welcomed and encouraged to be herself in her office everyday.


Adelaide, South Australia

When did your passion for the pinup scene start?

I started purely by accident back in 2017 where I did my 1st photo shoot for a bit of fun and have never looked back. Pinup is now my passion and I just love dressing up; it brings so much joy to my life and I feel most comfortable in my dresses.

What kind of style are you influenced by?

I am influenced by Audrey Hepburn, she was so stylish and always looked glamorous.  I adore Bettie Page and the risks she took back in a time when much of her style was looked down upon. In modern times I love Micheline Pitt and the gorgeous clothing she produces.

Who is most influential to your style?

My Dad. His love of dressing up still continues even though he is over 70.

What is your favourite era?

1950’s, the dresses of the time suit my figure and I just love to add a petticoat as well.

What are your Top 5 must have items for being the pinup you are?

1: No 10 Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick

2: Dior foundation

3: The collection of repro dresses that I own

4: Brooches

5: Comfortable and colourful pinup shoes

Tell us about your makeup routine and how long it takes you?

It takes me approximately 20 minutes to complete my makeup.  I start with Sephora smoothing primer followed by Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation

and Maybelline concealer.  I use Mecca Max Banana Bake skin filter and OXX powder blush.  I use Malbec lip twister lip liner in red followed by my favourite lipstick No 10 Rimmel Kate Moss however this lipstick it is hard to find.

How do you set and style your hair?

I wash my hair at night and let it slightly dry, spray Poison Apple setting spray and use foam rollers, I place a scarf over my rollers so there is no fly aways.

What's your best kept secret?

I believe having a good night’s sleep is so important and try to get 8 – 9 hours each night.

What is your favourite event/pageant? Why?

I entered the AAPC Pinup Princess events; I enjoy them so much as the pinup girls are so lovely and I have made some wonderful friendships.

What places/titles have you received?

2017 Miss Luau Runner Up

AAPC August 2018 Pinup Princess Calender Girl – Themed Nautical

AAPC Pinup Princess 2018 Runner Up Crowd Favourite

AAPC SA Ms Pinup Princess 2019

Where do you see yourself in 5 years as a pinup girl?

I would love to improve my styling skills and hope to be accepted in some Pinup competitions interstate.

A little bit more about Miss Kentucky Red

I am so in love with pinup that I rock the look every single day. My workplace is accepting of my chosen path and love to see me come into the office dressed up.

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